2021 Ferrari F80 Idea By Adriano External surfaces Info, Inside Information and Engine Details

2021 Ferrari F80 Idea By Adriano External surfaces Info, Inside Information and Engine Details – Produced by Italian modern Adriano Raeli, typically the Ferrari F80 hypercar concept previews exactly what is a successor to the latest LaFerrari.

2021 Ferrari F80 Idea By Adriano External surfaces Info


Just like the Enzo and additionally LaFerrari that this would stick to, the F80 employs most of the very same design and style cues like well-defined nostrils and a longcompeting back end.

2021 Ferrari F80 Concept By Adriano Inside Information


Within the hood, Adriano would like Ferrari to drop all the displacement some from your V12 at the moment located in the LaFerrari, to your two-turbo crossbreed V8 employing Ferrari’s KERS modern technology. But significantly less displacement fails to propose significantly less energy.

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2021 Ferrari F80 Strategy By Adriano Engine Details


Any hypothetical 1,200 hp includes the Prancing Pony, building a -62 mph time of only 2.2 mere secondsplus a top pace of 310 mph.

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